What are the benefits

of smart investment?

What is this investment intelligence? Easy. It is the capacity that all people have within us in the absence of development, with which to achieve financial freedom.
What does this mean about financial freedom? Does it mean that I am going to achieve success and wealth immediately? Of course not, but you will be closer to achieving it. In the end, achieving success does not follow any other formula than that of effort. Still, there are people who achieve much more success than others living the same hours each day, why? the answer is easier than you think. And it has nothing to do with luck, whoever believes in it is naive or does not know the least about the evolution of any successful person.
The formula is a correct and constant combination of: effort, knowledge and intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to find shortcuts with which to achieve objectives earlier. That is what investment intelligence is all about. Everyone should be familiar with the basics of this financial culture, regardless of their professional dedication, as it will result in a solid life strategy with which to reach their financial goals sooner.

We will help you develop that intelligence yourself!

One-on-one classes

Live online classes

There is no better way to understand how the market works than with a close-up experience with one of our live expert traders, understanding the analysis of each operation and observing its development!

An expert and personal guide

Personal advice

One of our expert professionals will be at your disposal to guide you on any matter. It will support you uninterruptedly on your learning journey.

Security before everything

Quality brokers

You will work with one of our trusted partner brokers. Using a good broker (operating platform) in transactions is a fundamental part of trading. Security, compatibility and low spreads-commissions are key requirements for the benefit.

A great community


You will directly become part of a large community of traders, made up of Investyou clients and experts. You will share strategies, experiences and a correct vision of the world of trading.

About us

With decades of experience in the sector, we are a community made up of forex professionals and hundreds of clients from around the world who we have helped open their minds and discover their investment intelligence. We are proud to have achieved a revolution in the conception of many people, many people who saw this world of investment very far from their life expectancies. We present an effective method in our courses, practiced day by day by our professionals and followed by our students through learning and direct feedback, in a community that grows larger and more effective every day.

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